My philosophy is that there are things that are important and things that are not. I am a strong believer in questioning myself and the world around me. Not in the sense that I worry that I'm not adequate, but rather focussing on bettering myself in anyway possible. I also believe some of the big questions of the world like "Why are we here." are best answered with "It doesn't matter, so let's make the best of it and be the best people we can be."

Professional Summary

I am a polyglot software engineer with a passion for personal and professional growth. With an ever expanding knowledge of programming and scripting languages I am an excellent addition to any internet technology company.

Over the past five years it has been my pleasure to learn and implement several websites ranging from a simple Node.JS app on Heroku, setting up a PCI compliant server on a Rackspace dedicated network and even managing >200 dedicated servers in four data centers across the globe.

My goal is to someday be a successful founder of a tech startup.